We're proud to have launched a new blog for UK-wide salon chain Supercuts. It's the fourth blog we've recently created for our clients.

We’re proud to have launched a new blog for UK-wide salon chain Supercuts. It’s the fourth blog we’ve recently created for our clients.

The Supercuts ‘Good Looks Cost Less’ blog is edited by their own salon staff and internal teams, with each visitor already spending on average over two minutes on the site and viewing more than three pages of tips, stories and style updates per visit.

The lifestyle-led ‘Fitting Talk’ blog for Freya lingerie was launched in June after the Freya a ‘Blog Star’ competition on Facebook found the fourth blogger to join the team of three experts. The blog is a hub for lingerie and fashion discussions with real news and is going from strength to strength to help Freya strengthen its voice amongst the blogging community.

RBH’s ‘Lucie Loves Highcross’ blog is a channel dedicated to the musings of Lucie Kerley and her experiences at Highcross Shopping Centre, Leicester. Being the first shopping centre in the UK to have its own blog, ‘Lucie Loves…’ has allowed Highcross to show a different side the centre and is currently enjoying over 1,800 unique visitors a month.

Finally, RBH created the blog for Young British Designers, which has been running for over 12 months now. This forms part of the social media strategy for the company, which includes a fully transactional Facebook store and a Twitter feed named the 18th most influential in fashion by The Telegraph.

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